Grab-Tac 2014

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GRAB-TAC 2014 is a fast drying, high tack carpet tile adhesive. It is designed for bonding carpet tiles to a wide range of substrates including wood, metal and concrete.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil, grease and paint. Any excessive dust must be removed as failure to do so will impair the performance of the adhesion. If applying the adhesive directly on to concrete, or sand and cement screeds, they must be fully cured and laitance free. If applying to earth subfloors an efficient damp proof membrane must be incorporated. Site conditions must comply with British Standards CP 102 (Code of practice for protection of building against water from underground), BS 5325 (Installation of textile floor coverings) and all supplementary publications must be followed throughout the installation.

To apply the adhesive simply position the wand approximately 40-50cm from the floor and spray the adhesive evenly in a thin layer moving constantly across the area to be coated. In order to achieve a releasable bond allow the adhesive to become dry to touch with no transfer to the finger, depending on the thickness of coverage and the room atmosphere this will take approximately 2 minutes. Once the carpet tiles have been laid they can be repeatedly lifted without damaging the adhesive or substrates, however if the tiles are laid whilst the adhesive is still wet a permanent bond will be formed. The brass spray tips can be cleaned by submerging in spirt based solvent. Useful Hint: Always keep a spare tip, one in use and one cleaning. Additional brass tips are available from Gemini Adhesives. It is the users responsibility to ensure that the adhesive is suitable for the substrates to be bonded, if you are unsure please contact our technical department for assistance.


  • Speed of application
  • Self contained maintenance free
  • Low odour
  • Fast drying time
  • Even coverage
  • Moisture resistant
  • Long lasting high tack adhesion

Technical Data

  • Coverage - Dependent on substrates between 300 - 500 sq metres high coverage achieved on
  • perfect or metal access floors
  • Appearance clear liquid
  • Low Voc's
  • Non flammable