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Site Condition Survey

Subfloor moisture is a common problem in buildings both old and new, and it is vital that it is resolved before the PVC profile is adhered. It may also promote the growth and spread of bacteria and mould, which may risk further damage to the PVC.

It is only by measuring the relative humidity (RH) level within the substrate that contractors can correctly identify an effective treatment or barrier to isolate any present moisture from the PVC. In accordance with British Standards 5325, 8203 and 8201, where the RH is above 75%, the installation should not proceed until an appropriate treatment has been applied.

If you are unsure of the site conditions Gemini Adhesives can carry out a survey for you ensuring the walls and floors are fit to adhere to..

To arrange site survey contact Gemini Adhesives. P.O.A. 0800 3284267