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Why is it so important to specify the correct PVC flooring compound and adhesive combination?

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The capping and coving system is the most widely specified and was designed to be installed to provide an easy clean environment, in areas such as hospitals schools and food preparation areas. If shrinkage and delamination occurs then the installation will have the opposite effect, leaving open adhesive that is impossible to clean and therefore a breeding ground for bacteria. The added complication is there is really no way of re-installing without replacing. This in itself poses problems as the old adhesive residue would need to be removed, when taking into account redecoration, movement of fixtures, fittings and destruction to the occupants. In a typical public building such as a hospital there will be 5km of capping specified making the total cost of replacing astronomic.

Flexible skirting are not as commonly specified, however the same problems of shrinkage or de-bonding can occur in certain conditions again leaving a breeding ground for germs and a serious problem to be resolved.

Gemini have recently expanded our range and feel that we have the stable solution to overcome the majority of site situation that require a flexible flooring trim or finish. All extrusions from Gemini are formulated in line with our safer chemical content policy and carry a full adhesion guarantee.

The adhesive used to secure Gemini profiles is "Grabfast Gold" which is available in two forms. The first being a low emissions spray adhesive that has been supplied to the flooring industry for the past ten years and new to the range an innovative water based formulation which is applied with a roller applicator. Both adhesives have been thoroughly tested in conjunction with our PVC formulation to ensure compatibility and the adhesion is fully guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years. We feel that by offering both systems approved fitters will be able to install Gemini profiles with confidence in all site conditions.

Ensure that Gemini profiles are included in specifications and fitted by a licenced fitter to put an end to failures and confusion over phthalates.

Please feel free to download all the relevant documents to be included in specifications and contact Gemini for any further information.